Ian Irvine

I am an experienced artist, and the majority of my work concentrates on collage and printmaking. The collages are made in the traditional way with paper, scissors and glue, and are often influenced by the original Surrealist artists such as Max Ernst and Rene Magritte. I frequently use images of 18th and 19th century paintings as the basis for a series of interventions, entirely changing the nature of the original theme or narrative.

In printmaking, screenprint has become the dominant medium for me, often using a wide range of images and text from many sources of interest, including films, cartoons, old illustrations, diagrams, pulp novels etc. These screenprints are an attempt to unify a seemingly disparate set of elements, using colour and composition, geometric shapes and painted gestures. I like to think of them as ‘visual cocktails’. They are also essentially collages transferred to another medium, and influenced by artists like Robert Rauschenberg and R.B.Kitaj

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