Denis Whiteside

The creative output of Denis Whiteside has evolved slowly throughout the last sixty years. His work has always been multi-disciplinary. His reasons for making art however have been constant. Aspects of ordinary life have driven him to bring our attention to the everyday. His main influencers have been writers of fiction along with some musicians. He’s followed visual artists too but more in appreciation than inspiration. It’s only natural that his creativity has channelled towards the written word over the years. Much of his visual art is recorded elsewhere.

Since 2017 he’s concentrated on a series of textual prints that explore mundaneness. He presents short, varied prosaic narratives that relate ordinary, often uninspiring observations via a print medium composed of ’blind-embossed’ text. Changing light conditions affect the artworks readability. Where possible he avoids remarkable or intriguing plots or subject matter. In effect he brings voice and value to the everyday, the things that comprise most of our lives.

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