Janette Byrne

  • As an amateur artist I dabbled in several mediums and explored a wide range of subject matter. 
  • After more formal training my interests focused on the concept of ‘Visual Intelligence’ which underpins the idea that the brain interprets images using both conscious and unconscious thoughts. 
  • My studies for MA were related to ‘The Uncanny ‘ and bythe manipulation of old family Photographs I focused on memory: applying techniques such as ‘hidden symbolism’ and ‘fragmentation’ to conceal aspects of the past. The result is a sense of emotional introspection which charges the narrative with a disturbing undertone.
  • I have recently developed a more carefree approach!… with an added interest in Portraiture. 
  • I now enjoy painting ‘any subject’ using Inspiration from the wonderful World around me….and what a worry!
  • ….As a Scientist I have long been aware of the uphill struggle to preserve Life on Earth for future generations.

I have exhibited & sold at the ‘Royal Academy Summer Exhibition’ (London) and was a featured Artist on the Documentary ‘The BBC2: Royal Academy Exhibition, 2016’. 

B.Sc. (Hons.) Zoology,  B.A. (Hons. 1st Class Fine Art) M.A. (Fine Art) 

e mail: noonoo-art@hotmail.co.uk



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