neo:membership Application Guidance Notes

neo:artists Studios CIC (neo:studios)


Practitioner Services
Neo:artists is a not‐for‐profit organisation, run for the benefit of creative practitioners. Three levels of subscription are currently offered:
Associate, Facilities User and Studio Holder.


Associates are entitled to:

  • Display their work on the Neo:artists website in the appropriate area eg. a practitioner accepted as a writer would have his/her profile page displayed in the neo:writers section
  • Submit their work for exhibitions held at the Neo:artists gallery. NB Once accepted practitioners may submit work in any form to exhibitions eg. a writer may submit visual work. Submission to exhibitions does not guarantee inclusion in the exhibition. Curators make decisions regarding selection of work based on theme, space, presentation and exhibition cohesion.
  • Attend meetings at the Neo:artists studio/gallery centre
  • To be notified for opportunities of paid work when Neo:artists are approached for professional artistic input
  • All Associates must adhere to a professional criteria set by the management group

Facilities User
Facilities Users will be entitled to all of the Associate benefits listed above, but in addition they will also be entitled the use of the printmaking and sculpture workshop facilities in the Neo:artists studios.


Studio Holder
Studio Holder will be entitled to rent a workspace in the Neo:artists Studios. They will also be entitled to all of the Associate and Facilities User benefits described above. Studio Waiting List / Membership When a studio becomes available we advertise internally for one week within the studios. We will then inform Associates of the availability for a second week. After this two week period applications will be taken from our waiting list in chronological order providing the materials/processes to be used are compatible with the space available. Contact is made by email and a closing date will be given by which to register interest. It is vital that you keep us updated with new email addresses.


1st and 2nd Floors, Neo:artists Studios CIC, Corporation Chambers, Corporation Street, Bolton, BL1 2AN. ACCESS: The printmaking studio is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We regret there is currently no disabled access.


Use of the Studio:
We are trying to develop a bustling and thriving creative art space and are keen to encourage artists to use their studios as much as possible. We realise that the number of hours might be difficult to specify but please be realistic in your estimate.


We are predominantly a Fine Art Studios and encourage experimentation and the use of a wide range of materials. However, fire and building regulations restrict the use of certain materials and processes. It is important that you are clear about your materials use to prevent problems developing in the future. Some questions on the form are not applicable to writers and can be marked N/A.


Whilst we have a range of power tools that are available for Studio Holders and Facilities Users, you will need to agree to an induction (for us to comply with Health and Safety legislation) before you will be able to use them. Indicating any requirements will help us speed the process up. You are able to bring your own equipment into designated workspaces but they will need to have been tested before use (Portable Electrical Appliance Tested). We have a director trained to do this and you will need to make arrangements with our Health and Safety officer to book equipment in. All other electrical equipment including music equipment will also need to be tested. It would be useful if you could let us know if you intend make use of the printmaking and or sculpture facilities.


How would you describe your pracrice?
It is not important in this section to explain your working process or techniques. We want to understand how your ideas develop and how you explore avenues and possibilities for enquiry.


For example:

  • Is your work process based or observational in nature?
  • Do you work on a large scale? If so why?
  • How (if at all) do you exploit other media and materials to develop your ideas?
  • How has your work evolved and developed?
  • Do you have a philosophy supporting your work?

This is an opportunity for us to get to understand more about you and your work. Art is often about more than the image and needs to be experienced in a context.

  • Be honest.
  • Don’t try to be overly complex.
  • Try to avoid excessive jargon
  • Don’t be vague.

Writers might prefer to use the term ‘craft’ or ‘style’ for this section.


What do you hope to achieve in the next twelve months?
This is going to vary widely from individual to individual but we are trying to gauge what you want from your involvement with Neo:artists. Some applicants might be working towards a particular exhibition or project whilst others might be at the start of their artistic careers and want to have time to develop new ideas. Specific goals are not important but we would hope that artists are able to think about their work as a longterm commitment.

Terms and Conditions

neo:artists Studios CIC (neo:studios)


Practitioner Services
Neo:artists is a not‐for‐profit organisation, run for the benefit of creative practitioners.

Three levels of subscription are currently offered:

  • Associate
  • Facilities User
  • Studio Holder

Exhibiting and Curating Opportunities

Neo:artists Management Group aims to hold at least four exhibitions per annum and will inform Associates of forthcoming exhibitions and entry details at least six weeks before the required submission date.

Submission to exhibitions does not guarantee inclusion in the exhibition. Curators make decisions on selection of work based on theme, space, production and presentation
values and exhibition cohesion.

The Exhibition Committee accepts proposals for themes and curating opportunities. Proposal and guidance forms can be found on the Neo:artists website

Exhibition sales are subject to 20% commission.
This commission is used to fund website maintenance and exhibition expenses.

Each artist, by entering a work confirms that they hold all intellectual property rights in the work and that they agree to their work being reproduced in Neo:artists promotional materials, the press, and other media.

Neo:artists galleries are run on a voluntary basis. All Associates who have work accepted for an exhibition must play an equal part in manning the gallery during opening hours.


After Sales
As stated above, all sales made in Neo:artists exhibitions are subject to a commission charge which is used to fund website and exhibition expenses. However, if an Associate sells further work or receives a commission as a result of this initial introduction to the buyer, the Associate is under no obligation to pay commission on these after‐sales.

Commission in these circumstances is only payable at the Associate’s discretion. Studio Holders/Users are under no obligation to pay commission from sales at the studios.

Website (General)
Neo:artists Management Group is responsible for keeping the Neo:artists website general content up to date.

Associates are responsible for keeping the information on their personal webpage up to date by regularly reviewing their personal profile and images and submitting any required amendments to the Neo:artists Management Group in accordance with the Neo:artists criteria and website update procedures.

The criteria that have been set are the following: ‐

  • Creative practitioners who are driving their own creative practice
  • Creative practitioners who have a full artistic statement or biography which explains the theory behind their work, along with an exhibition C.V
  • Participation in exhibitions, both at Neo:artists Galleries but more importantly at external venues
  • Keeping associates pages on the website up to date and professional

Neo:artists is a voluntary run organisation and will endeavour to upload Associates images in the shortest possible time.


General Comunications
Neo:artists Management Group is committed to maintaining good communications. All non‐verbal communication will be carried out electronically via email or via the Neo:artists website.

It is the Associate’s responsibility to check the website and email on a regular basis to ensure they keep up to date with the latest communications.

Neo:artists Management Group will issue a monthly newsletter to keep Associate’s informed of studio news, forthcoming exhibition opportunities, social events etc. This will be communicated by email via the Neo:artists website.

If an Associate wishes to visit the Neo:artists Studio premises at any time apart from the pre‐arranged meetings, they must make a prior appointment with a Studio Holder member. (This is necessary to comply with the public liability insurance).


Work Opportunities
When Neo:artists Management Group is requested to recommend an artist for paid or voluntary work, the opportunity will be matched against the information given in the websites associates section for community work. Associates are responsible for ensuring this information is up to date. The opportunity will be offered to one or more Associate’s. It is then the responsibility of the Associate’s to follow the opportunity up with the requesting body.

Neo:artists Management Group takes no responsibility for the outcome of any work opportunity offered. Associates are responsible for taking out their own insurance to cover them for any personal accidents or public liability. Associates are also responsible for negotiating a Criminal Records Bureau check with any potential employer when working with minors or other vulnerable members of society.


The Associate fees are used to maintain the Neo:artists website and to fund exhibition expenses. They are reviewed on an annual basis to ensure incomings continue to meet outgoings.

Any change in the fee will be notified to associates at least two months in advance.

Associate fees are £10 paid monthly in advance and must be paid by standing order.


If the Associate fee is not received when due, it will become in arrears.

Associates are strongly recommended to contact one of Neo:artists Directors if they are in financial difficulty so that repayment arrangements can be made. All requests will be treated sympathetically. However, if no contact is made, the following actions will be taken:

  • After one month in arrears, an email will be sent to the Associate informing them that the standing order has not been paid.
  • If no contact is received, after two months in arrears a letter will be sent to the Associates home address, and the Associate will no longer be eligible to submit work to Neo:artists exhibitions
  • If there is still no contact, after three months in arrears a further letter will be sent to the Associates home address and the Associate will be removed from the website.
If there is still no contact, after four months in arrears the Associate agreement will be cancelled and a final letter will be sent to the Associates home address to inform them that the agreement has been terminated.


Studio Holder & Facilities User
All Studio Holders & Users receive the same benefits as Associates

No tuition or technical assistance is provided to Studio Holders & Users who wish to use the facilities and are expected to be experienced printmakers and creative practitioners. An induction to the print room and sculpture room will be provided on acceptance of application by appointment.

Studio Holders & Users must comply with health and safety regulations, clean their work area after use, and ensure all equipment used is left in a clean condition. A full list of facilities and equipment for the print room and sculpture room can be seen on the Neo:artists website.

Studio Holders & Users must provide their own small equipment such as rollers, pallet knives, plastic bowls, etc. Facilities Users may store them on the studio premises (see Storage section below).


Studios Holders & Users must provide their own materials, e.g. paper, inks, soft and hard grounds, etc. for the print room and wood, plaster, clay etc. for the sculpture room. Neo:artists will maintain a store of these materials for sale to Studio Holders & Users.


Each Facilities User will be provided with a lockable locker and plan chest drawer for storage of materials and equipment. Studio Holders will use their own space.


Studio Holders & Users may use the facilities 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Neo:artists regret there is no disabled access. Studio Holders & Users may also use the kitchen facilities in the print room.

Facilities Users may not access any individual studios on the premises unless accompanied by a Studio Holder.


The Facilities User fee is £40 a month, inclusive of Associate fee. The Studio Holder fees vary from £50 to £200 a month depending on size of space. This includes Associate and User fees. The fees are paid monthly, six monthly, or annually in advance, but must be paid by standing order. Fees are reviewed on an annual basis to ensure incomings continue to meet outgoings. Any change in the fees will be notified to Facilities Users at least two months in advance.


A returnable deposit of £40 is required for door keys for Facilities Users when keys are returned and £100 returnable deposit is required from Studio Holders. When the studio is vacated in an acceptable condition, this will be returned.


If the Studio fee is not received when it is due, it will become in arrears. Action will be +taken as per the Associate terms and conditions above but, in addition, if repayment arrangements are not made, the Studio Holder or User will not be able to use the studios or facilities whilst in arrears.


Associates may terminate this agreement at any time by notifying Neo:artists Management Group in writing.

If the criteria set by the Management Group are not met i.e. suitable images and artists statement on the website, the Management Group reserves the right to terminate this agreement by giving one months’ notice.

Studio Holders/Users may terminate this agreement by notifying Neo:artists in writing from which date there will be one months’ notice. Under certain circumstances like spaces not being used where it would benefit another artist from the waiting list, Neo:artists reserves the right to terminate this agreement by giving one months notice.


Valuing Diversity
Neo:artists accept that everyone has a right to their distinct identity and that everyone should be treated with dignity and respect. Neo:artists reserves the right to terminate contracts immediately in the event of any sexual or racial discrimination, or any type of abuse.



You will also need to send examples of your work as part of your neo:application (.jpgs, pdfs, etc), so please have these ready before proceeding further.

Before applying please confirm the following:
I have read neo: Guidance Notes  
I have read and accept neo: Terms and Conditions