application guidance notes

Neoartists is a not‐for‐profit organisation, run for the benefit of creative practitioners.

Three levels of subscription are currently offered; Associate, Facilities User and Studio Holder.

Associates are entitled to:
• Display their work on the Neoartists website in the appropriate area eg. a practitioner accepted as a writer would have his/her profile page displayed in the neo:writers section
• Submit their work for exhibitions held at the Neoartists gallery. NB Once accepted practitioners may submit work in any form to exhibitions eg. a writer may submit visual work. Submission to exhibitions does not guarantee inclusion in the exhibition. Curators make decisions regarding selection of work based on theme, space, presentation and exhibition cohesion.
• Attend meetings at the Neoartists studio/gallery centre
• To be notified for opportunities of paid work when Neoartists are approached for professional artistic input
• All Associates must adhere to a professional criteria set by the management group

Facilities Users will be entitled to all of the Associate benefits listed above, but in addition they will also be entitled the use of the printmaking and sculpture workshop facilities in the Neoartists studios.

Studio Holder will be entitled to rent a workspace in the Neoartists Studios. They will also be entitled to all of the Associate and Facilities User benefits described above.

Studio Waiting List / Membership
When a studio becomes available we advertise internally for one week within the studios. We will then inform Associates of the availability for a second week. After this two week period applications will be taken from our waiting list in chronological order providing the materials/processes to be used are compatible with the space available.

Contact is made by email and a closing date will be given by which to register interest.

It is vital that you keep us updated with new email addresses.


1st and 2nd Floors,
Neoartists Studios CIC,
Corporation Chambers,
Corporation Street,
BL1 2AN.

The printmaking studio is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We regret there is currently no disabled access.

We are trying to develop a bustling and thriving creative art space and are keen to encourage artists to use their studios as much as possible. We realise that the number of hours might be difficult to specify but please be realistic in your estimate.

We are predominantly a Fine Art Studios and encourage experimentation and the use of a wide range of materials. However, fire and building regulations restrict the use of certain materials and processes. It is important that you are clear about your materials use to prevent problems developing in the future. Some questions on the form are not applicable to writers and can be marked N/A.

Whilst we have a range of power tools that are available for Studio Holders and Facilities Users, you will need to agree to an induction (for us to comply with Health and Safety legislation) before you will be able to use them. Indicating any requirements will help us speed the process up. You are able to bring your own equipment into designated workspaces but they will need to have been tested before use (Portable Electrical Appliance Tested). We have a director trained to do this and you will need to make arrangements with our Health and Safety officer to book equipment in. All other electrical equipment including music equipment will also need to be tested.

It would be useful if you could let us know if you intend make use of the printmaking and or sculpture facilities.

It is not important in this section to explain your working process or techniques. We want to understand how your ideas develop and how you explore avenues and possibilities for enquiry.

For example:

• Is your work process based or observational in nature?
• Do you work on a large scale? If so why?
• How (if at all) do you exploit other media and materials to develop your ideas?
•How has your work evolved and developed?
• Do you have a philosophy supporting your work?*
• Be honest
• Don't try to be overly complex
• Try to avoid excessive jargon
• Don't be vague

* This is an opportunity for us to get to understand more about you and your work. Art is often about more than the image and needs to be experienced in a context.
Writers might prefer to use the term ‘craft’ or ‘style’ for this section.

This is going to vary widely from individual to individual but we are trying to gauge what you want from your involvement with Neoartists. Some applicants might be working towards a particular exhibition or project whilst others might be at the start of their artistic careers and want to have time to develop new ideas. Specific goals are not important but we would hope that artists are able to think about their work as a longterm commitment.