Denis Whiteside

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Case Studies, John Rylands Library, Manchester, 2015
DADA NOW, Bolton 2016
Dead Funny, Bolton 2016
Fingers Crossed Trio, Manchester, 2015

If not here, where. Fletcher Moss Gallery,
Parsonage Gardens, Didsbury, Manchester.
July 2013.

'ANDROID' Piccadilly Place,Manchester
June 2013.

'neo:printprize' 2012
'Most Outstanding Print Award'

'neo:artprize 2012

14th June-28th July,2012

'I Used To Dream In Black And White'
Two man show at 'The Art Lounge', New Mills.
7th June-15th July, 2012

Falcon Mill
May June, 2012

Latest Exhibition
'On The Surface'
Gallery Oldham
11th Sept. to 27th Nov. 2010
With fellow artist Ian Irvine.
Print based exhibition.

Sept. - Oct 2010.
site specific exhibition with Howard Fisher and Jason Simpson.
28 Corporation St. Bolton

'Notion Pictures'
Salford Museum and Art Gallery
16th May - 9 August 2009

Group Exhibitions
2011 New mills Art Lounge

2008 Rochdale Touchstones
2008 Ashton under lyne Art Gallery
2007 Salford Art Gallery 'Good to Print'

Solo Exhibition
2007 Mawdsleys Pharmaceuticals, Salford Quays 'Shortcuts & Passages'

Text has developed as an extension of my output since 2003 and I look for ways of visualising the equivocal interpretations that we take on when we read or hear what is written or said.

Language is the most universal form of communication and it is often the most misunderstood channel of information. We need only look at how political,cultural and religious interpretation can cause extreme anger or frustration in translation. Even in personal,domestic situations, misunderstanings can arise from use of inappropriate or ambiguous words to relate ideas or feelings about issues.

These are the areas I find intriguing and challenging to work in.
Current work considers aspects of using text to visually convey linguistic ideas, simple and complex.

What is presented is always open to interpretation by the viewer, further emphasising the absurdity of language and absolute meanings in its use.

Many of the works are self referential, partly to identify ideas whilst at the same time obscuring purpose. They are attempts to demystify narrative linguistic notions.

I don't seek to use art as a platform to address worldly concerns such as famine, war, greed, political corruption etc., though I am interested in the language that is used to convey these issues.

The development of my artistic practice is something I can't foresee with any certainty. I do know that it has to be a challenge not only in a creative explorative sense, but I'm also aware that viewers of my output are required to at least try to gain an informed understanding through involvement with linguistic concerns.

It isn't an easy task, but it's worth the journey.

I Don't Know
I Don't Know

Here Comes Everybody
Here Comes Everybody

Rough For Radio 1, #2
Rough For Radio 1, #2

Will You Please
Will You Please

Six Succulent Crunchy Bright Red Apples
Six Succulent Crunchy Bright Red Apples

Deck of Cards Shuffled for One Minute
Deck of Cards Shuffled for One Minute