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My practise is driven by the environment, how we affect it, and how it affects us. The environment provides scope to diversify into a multitude of forms and media. Everything that exists is dependant on the fragile crust upon which we survive, and the land on which we live is a very poignant thread that runs throughout my work.

Our actions have consequences, such as global warming, and the extinction of species, areas which provide continual inspiration for my work.

I also like to use the environment to produce pieces of work, not only by providing raw material like stone for sculpture, but also to literally create the work as can be seen in 'Notes from the Margin', using ping pong balls in a river to produce a piece of music.

Current Focus
I am currently shadowing lead artist Liam Curtin, in the Little Lever Art Project which is a proposed art work commissioned by Bolton Council.

I am currently working on a body of work exploring the between the permanence of each pieces material and the environmental impact of producing that material.

Community Work
2007 - 2010
Haworth Art Gallery and Broadfield Specialist School -

Following the exhibition of 'Think Green' in 2007, I have been giving workshops to help with their GCSE art work, which revolved around environmental issues. Following the work that was done the students produced their artwork which was exhibited at the Haworth Art Gallery.

Selected Exhibitions
Octagon Theatre, Bolton - 'Streetcar Named Desire'.

Haworth Open Exhibition - 'Phoenix'
Octagon Theatre, Bolton - 'Tree of Broken Dreams'
Octagon Theatre, Bolton - 'Lascivious Intent'

Neo Artists - 'Notes from the Margins'
Neo Artists - 'Harmonic Remedies'
Haworth Open Exhibition - 'What have we done?'
Royal West of England Academy - 'Through the Lens'
Keighley Arts Factory - 'Through the Lens'

Haworth Open Exhibition - 'Think Green'
Fairfield General Hospital, Bury - 'Leaves' (selected for permanent exhibition)

Jedburgh Community Arts Centre - 'Landscapes in the Mind' (Solo exhibition)

BIHE, Bolton - 'The Climb'
Jumbles Park West Pennine Moors - 'The View' (ice work)

Bolton Art Gallery - 'Out in the Open'

Easter Body
Easter Body

Last Wave
Last Wave

Wood & Frost
Wood & Frost


Easter Body
Easter Body

Streecar named desire
Streecar named desire