Matt Bell

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My practice is in constant change and development. Over the years I have worked in many different ways across many different media. I have studied Fine Art, at the Slade School of Art, and have also completed an experimental Creative Technology MA at the University of Salford. However for the past two years, I have committed to the tradition of my art school education which underpins my creative processes. My paintings and drawings have grown from a childhood lost within landscape and nature, into a fascination with the depiction of memory and time. For the past two years I have produced work which explores the inter-dependency of drawing and painting. My work has concentrated on embedding imagery and symbolism within the formal structure of: colour, surface, light and line. Exploration of the conventions of pictorial space has also been critical across the two disciplines. Throughout this two year period I have engaged in a dialogue which has evidenced the discordances and harmonies between the acts of drawing and painting. I have used traditional materials and given equal status to both outputs. Working In parallel across both disciplines, I adopt a process orientated method of production. I Work without direct observational reference, which validates the themes I explore. I often juxtapose pictorial space and composition…in order to appropriately locate content; often obliterating or fragmenting images and symbols in an attempt to embed them appropriately. Despite the formal analysis the approach to production remains instinctive and reactive and balances representation somewhere between negation and definition. Both paintings and drawings offer the viewer allusionary , contemplative and interpretive outcomes.
This current work is defined through my exploration and resultant definitions of what a ‘painting’ is, and what a ‘drawing’ is… importantly I am developing an understanding of when one becomes the other.