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Tweet! Tweet!

Created: May 2014  
Size: 76 x 67 cm  
Etching, charcoal and pencil on paper
‘Tweet! Tweet!’ is part of a big series called 'Where Are You?' where solitary figures are standing in front of supermarkets and airports, texting, talking on their phones and having a coffee to go while shopping or travelling. Though they are physically present, mentally they are unengaged with their surroundings. This print is part of a recent etching series where I’m using about 10 icon apps plates that I change in an ‘interactive’ manner such as we use on our smart phones. When the print was ready I put it on Facebook and the score it got I wrote in the print including the list of names. On social networks we want to be ‘liked’ by as many people as possible, some whom we don’t even know...
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