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Aspirational Living

Created: June 2014  
Size: 47x7x7 cm  
lino block print on wasps nest, unprinted nests, shelf
Our basic needs are food and shelter as for other animal species.
Humans have long felt the urge to decorate their homes with keepsakes and mementoes, but also to express their style and to display affluence. The decoration on the wasps’ nest has been hand block printed with lino in a similar way that wallpaper may be made for our use. Marketing and advertising encourages us to constantly change and renew furnishings etc keeping up with current trends. This also produces a huge unnecessary consumption and waste cycle leading to landfill, energy usage and climate change issues which affect the other species existing alongside us. The delicacy of the wasps’ nests reflects the fragile balance of ecosystems, easily destroyed.
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