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Also Available in White

Created: January 2014  
Size: 110 x 85 x 2 cm  
Spray paint and silk screen print on paper
Again as a documentation of my urban environment, car doors appealed to my interest in reflective surfaces but predominantly the contrast of solid metal versus the glass pane that invites more reflection.
the title is a visual pun, that i saw drew into a dusty white van, a kind of joke about how the dirt had physically changed its colour. for this reason, the first piece in my series is in fact a white door but dust and dirt alters this perception.
the title also alludes to the screen printing process of applying colour, but the series is finalized as a trio and so there are no more available colours.
again i utilised photography for the creation of this piece, highlighting the mechanical aspect of my printing that relies on cameras and technology as much as the industrial world of cars relies on machines. Although, a creative mind lies at the origins of creative production
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